What is the BerryPure made of ?
About BerryPure
  • BerryPure is made from a very specific species of sphagnum moss. Which has been conditioning the water in lakes, rivers, and ponds for centuries

How Does BerryPure Work ?
About BerryPure
  • BerryPure conditions water to produce crisp, clear, odor free water than feels like it comes from mountain stream fed lakes and rivers
  • It dramatically reduces the time and toxic chemicals needed to maintain high quality spa water and extends equipment life
  • It is nature’s solution for better water and has been conditioning the water in the Northern United States and Southern Canada for thousands of years.
How do I get started with the BerryPure System ?
Getting started with the BerryPure System
  • In your BerryStart kit that came with your SpaBerry you will find your BerryFill pre-filter.
  • Connect your hose to the threaded end of the BerryFill pre-filter and turn the water on for a minute or so running the water onto your lawn
  • After you have done this place the BerryFill pre-filter into the filter canister and turn the water on and fill your SpaBerry
  • Once the SpaBerry is filled then turn your SpaBerry on and set your temperature to the desired level.
  • Once the SpaBerry has reached your desired temperature level use the test strips from your BerryStart kit to determine the free chlorine, pH, alkalinity and hardness of your water
  • Balance pH and alkalinity with the pH Up and pH Down included in your BerryStart™ kit
  • Add additional chlorine if required to attain the following concentrations:
    pH 7.2-7.8
    alkalinity 80-120 ppm
    hardness 150-400
    sanitizer 1 ppm
  • Remove one BerryPure™ from the box inside your BerryStart kit and remove it from the plastic bag
  • Once removed from the plastic bag you will see that the BerryPure is housed in a netted tea bag
  • Place the BerryPure™ in the filter basket and Replace every 30 days.
How often do I need to change the insert refill ?
Change the insert refill
  • The BerryPure insert conditions water for a 30 day period and should be replaced at that point to continue to get the conditioning effects
  • The plant is no longer alive and acts like a tea bag.

What should I do to maintain my SpaBerry™ ?
Maintain my SpaBerry
  • After an initial adjustment period, your BerryPure™ water will be stable and require little maintenance
  • On a weekly basis use the test strips included in your BerryStart™ kit and make adjustments to pH, alkalinity, hardness and free chlorine as necessary
  • Your SpaBerry™ has approximately 135 gallons of water – be careful not to overdose the spa when you do add chemicals
  • On a monthly basis replace BerryPure™ and clean your spa filter
  • Every Six months drain your SpaBerry and follow your initial start-up instructions when refilling
  • Every 12 months replace your BerryFill Pre-filter.
Why does this system qualify as “Green” ?
Is BerryPure Green
  • Nature has figured out a way to condition water without the use of harsh chemicals
  • BerryPure is Plant based and sustainably harvested
  • It conserves and protects water and has no toxins like other water treatment products currently available and it’s socially responsible.
  • Other than being sterilized, there are no manufacturing processes done to the plant after it is harvested
  • In fact the refill itself is biodegradable.
Why should I use the pre-filter on my hose to fill the spa ?
Why Use the Pre-Filter
  • Our research demonstrates that tap water quality can vary widely based on the source, geographic location, and even the time of day tested
  • The filter removes many of these inconsistencies and allows for a more uniform water quality thus simplifying the start up process.
How will I know when the insert needs to be changed ?
When to Change the Insert
  • The appearance of the insert may not change during the 30 days of usage, but our research shows its beneficial effects diminish at that point requiring replacement.
  • We recommend getting in the habit of changing your BerryPure at the beginning of each month.

How often do I have to change the water in my spa ?
How Often Do I Change the Water
  • At approximately six months, the water should be changed depending upon frequency of use and personal preferences.

Do I still need to use a sanitizer such as chlorine ?
Do I Need Sanitizers ?
  • The combination of BerryPure and small amounts of an EPA approved sanitizer provides the highest quality of water.
  • We recommend maintaining a sanitizer reading on a test strip of one part per million.

How quickly does the product work ?
How Quick
  • In a SpaBerry it starts working quickly and continues to improve month after month.
  • It has an accumulation of the conditioning effects – it gets better over time.

What’s the bottom line with BerryPure ?
The Bottom Line
  • If you want water that is easy to maintain ; Water that feels like ‘liquid velvet' ; Water that is crisp and clear then BerryPure is the answer !